What to do on a 14-hour stopover in Abu Dhabi?

13th June 2017

Here at Air Seychelles, we realise that time is often of the essence, in which case Most travelers prefer direct flights when travelling as it allows for faster arrival times we also understand that there are those who prefer a stop-over to stretch their legs after a lengthy journey, Air Seychelles offers international stopover flights in Abu Dhabi to our guests travelling through the UAE. As stopover flights are usually cheaper, you may wish to take this option when travelling. And as the saying goes, sometimes the trip is more important than the destination.

You may leave the airport on a stopover depending on the length of your stop in transit. In the case of a four hour stopover in Abu Dhabi, you may need a transit visa depending on your passport. Air Seychelles makes arrangements for your transit visa before you depart.

The local authorities and Abu Dhabi Airport have always facilitated visits to the capital of the United Arab Emirates for transiting travelers. The procedures for a stop-over are the same as when you arrive at your final destination; Customs verification and immigration. These procedures will also apply when coming back to Abu Dhabi Airport.

Wait at the airport

Abu Dhabi has one of the world’s most modern airports, and you can easily find something to entertain yourself within the airport area. You can start with the airport lounge in Abu Dhabi to recharge in peace. The airport also offers several facilities such as cafes, restaurants, shops and hotels.

You can also take a shower if you feel like it. It is tempting after a long flight, especially since the bathrooms are fully equipped and free-to-use at the airport. The bathrooms are located in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 near the departure gates. View the airport map.

Visit the city

Wondering what to do in Abu Dhabi for a day? The capital city of the country is jam-packed with attractions and activities, but the places not to be missed are; the Sheik Zayed Mosque, the central market and The Corniche, a 4-kilometer long waterfront dotted with interesting places to enjoy a picnic by the water. If you are in Abu Dhabi early in the morning, you can also think of visiting Yas located not far from the airport.

If you want to discover the city even more Air Seychelles offers cheap flights to Abu Dhabi.