Travel to Praslin

28th June 2017

Immaculate white sandy beaches and a lush vegetation covering the whole island – Praslin is a delight. Life is very slow on Praslin, despite being the archipelago’s second largest island. Inhabited with only 6500 people, Praslin is less advanced than Neighboring Mahé which is home to capital city, Victoria.

A key feature of the Praslin is its beaches. They stand out from the archipelago’s best beaches. We often hear the famous names of Anse Lazio and Anse Gerogette not often grasping about their actual beauty. Reason why they are always on the top ten lists of the best beaches in the world. Côte D’or is another best pick too.  You have to see for yourself to believe. No words can ever translate the magical wonders of the Seychelles.  Travel to Praslin by booking your flight with Air Seychelles to discover this mystical Island.


An Unique destination

Not everywhere in the Seychelles will you be able to enjoy an 18 holes golf course on a championship course or walk through a world heritage site with endemic fauna and flora– Mai Valley. Praslin is also the perfect place start your island hopping around the neighboring islands of Curieuse and Cousine.

Getting to Praslin

The easiest and fastest way to get to Praslin is by plane. Air Seychelles provides charters from the island of Mahé to Praslin, which takes about 15 minutes. The island can also be reached by boat from Mahé (45 minutes) or La Digue (15 minutes) . However, boats can be quite tiring and the waves fairly choppy. If you don’t like tangling and is prone to sea sickness, then the plane is the better option. You may book one of our Twin Otter flights from Mahe to Praslin.   

In higher altitudes, you will have a perfect view of the turquoise lagoon and the islands below.

Accommodation on Praslin

There is always something for everyone on Praslin. People often think that Praslin is an exclusive island, which is not generally the case. While the island has exclusive resorts such as Raflles and Lemuria, it also offers a range of accommodation to its visitors. From guesthouses to self-catering villas or bungalows, everyone will find what will suit his budget.

Getting around

It is very easy to get around Praslin. There are bus lines which will take you to your destination for very cheap. If you want more comfort, Praslin is one of the few island where a car rental is possible. Taxis can also be hired to move around, but the cost of a taxi will be around the same as a car rental. Getting lost on Praslin is practically impossible and if ever you do get lost, there is always google maps to help your find your way.


Travel to Praslin with Air Seychelles!