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Top 5 tips for an enjoyable flight

3rd May 2017

Getting out of the plane feeling good is perhaps the best way to start your vacation. Whether on a long or a short distance, the plane is not always a very comfortable experience. And if first class flights are a distant fantasy for most of us, there are many other ways to make a plane trip a more enjoyable experience.

1. Keep Your Face Cool

Never underestimate the importance of a toothbrush and toothpaste. These are the first two items you should pack in your emergency kit, as well as a moisturizer, lip balm, perfume or after-shave, a razor, deodorant, earplugs, eye drops and a mask. Most of these items can be purchased in "mini" form. If they take up little space, they can make a big difference for you! You will be able to descend from your plane feeling cool, calm and full of energy!

2. Bring your Pillow

If you are taking a long flight, your own soft pillow will be able to tell the difference between a few hours of restful sleep and hours watching other passengers sleep while you struggle trying to find the perfect position for your head. Neck pillow also offers excellent neck support and will make you sleep like a baby in no time.

3. MP3 player

If you like music and do not want to spend 24 hours listening to the plane's radio, an mp3 player is the indispensable accessory. You can put anything in it: from audiobooks to comedy sketches and music. You can create your own personal entertainment center. With a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you can truly dive into another world.

4. A good Book

This is not modern or very original, but a good book written by your favorite author or a favorite subject can often make the difference between a flight that lasts an eternity and a flight that passes very quickly. And there is nothing better to kill time at the airport than to look for a book for your holidays. And if you like high-tech, you can always buy a Kindle, which can hold thousands of books, for those times when you cannot make up your mind.

5. Don't forget your phone

Modern phones have the flight mode option. Phones could replace any mp3 players, hold thousands of pdf books, videos, music and others. Lighter than computers, modern phones have very good games which could kill time in a pretty fun way.