Diving in the Seychelles

Top 5 Dive Sites in the Seychelles

16th June 2017

With its pristine water, harsh conservation policies and blooming marine life, the Seychelles archipelago is one of the best diving destinations in the Indian-Ocean. The outstanding underwater visibility in the Seychelles is unique in the world. All of the islands of the archipelago are circled by Coral reefs with a diversity of marine life. All dive sites of the Seychelles are as exciting as the next one and makes the task of choosing the best ones very difficult.

However, we will do our best to list the top five dive sites of the Seychelles. Book a flight to the Seychelles for an amazing diving experience in this tropical paradise.


1.Shark Bank

Situated in between the islands of Mahé and Silhouette, Shark bank is undeniably an underwater tropical paradise and the most popular diving site of the Seychelles. Shark bank attracts diving fanatics from all over the world. With the panoply of colours welcoming you upon your descent and the flourishing marine life, Shark Bank will redefine your diving standards. Among the wonders Shark Bank has to offer is the mythical Whale Shark with a ballet of tropical fish always following them. Shoals of tropical fish, sea turtles and rays offer a never-ending show for the divers. The dive site is perfect for beginners as well as experienced divers.

2.The Brissaire Rocks

Situated north-north east off the coast of Mahé, it is unquestionably among the best dive sites of the Seychelles. A 30 minutes’ trip by boat from Mahé will take you to the site which offers an excellent underwater visibility.  This dive site is excellent for basic divers as well as experienced ones. The sea bed is at an average of 18m deep while the maximum depth is at 20m. The Brissaire rocks offer a variety of Marine life and big fishes as well as reef fish. Snappers, fusiliers and jack fishes, napoleons, eagle rays, and some species of inoffensive reef sharks are perfect subjects to test your underwater camera.

3.Bay Ternay Marine Park

The bay ternay marine park diving site offers shallower diving options than the previous two. You can admire an amazing colourful coral reef with an abundance of different reef fish species. This dive site has an amazing bio-diversity and cannot be missed if you are on a diving trip around the Seychelles. The dive is between 6m and 23m and is perfect for beginners as well as experienced divers. Moray Eels, anemones, and many invertebrates can be admired around the site.


4.The Aldebaran Wreck

Originally a long-line fishing vessel, the Aldebaran was sunk by the local divers Association of the Seychelles to create an artificial marine ecosystem. The 28m long vessel has since then been inhabited by a variety of underwater creatures and is an amazing wreck dive. The wreck sits up-right on the sea bed off the coast of Beau Vallon.

5.Beau Vallon Reef

Beau Vallon not only boasts immaculate white sandy beaches but also an amazing and colourful underwater life. Perfect for a dive. This dive site is one of the most popular for novice divers due to its relatively shallow waters. You can admire many fish species and other invertebrates.


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