Things to Do in Durban

21st March 2017

From safaris amidst wild animals in vast game reserves, Botanical gardens, enjoying the beach to getting nose front with sharks, Durban promises to never bore you.

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Explore the Indian District

Durban is known to have the highest concentration of Indians outside India and this is thanks to the wave of migrations in the eighteen hundred. The city has a rich heritage and history which one can experience while walking through the Indian district. Jot down the names of the Zulu Muti Market and the Victoria Street Market. The former being a traditional medicine market and at the latter you will buy traditional Indian clothing, spices and fabric.

uShaka Sea World

Extending over an area of about 40 acres, the uShaka Sea World aquarium is one of the largest on earth. You will find Sea Rays, an assortment of colorful tropical fish, tuna and dorados. For adrenaline seekers, dive in a clear cylinder in the shark tank. You can also do some shopping and enjoy a water park in the complex.

Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1849, it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Africa. Located close to the city center, it houses an extensive collection of beautiful subtropical trees, palm trees and orchids. The flagship collection of plants is that of the Cycads which dates back to 250 million years! An only surviving specie of this plant was found in 1895 in the Zululand forest by the botanist John Medley Wood who gave the species its name – the Wood’s Cycad. This endemic species is extinct in the wild and can only be found at the Botanical Gardens of Durban.

The Tala Game reserve

Who visits South Africa without talking about the bush? The Tala game reserve, only an hour’s drive away from Durban brings to you more than 350 species of animals including birds and big games. Let the wild side of you take over and discover the majestic rhinos, wildebeests, zebras, impalas, gazelles, warthogs, hippos, and giraffes over more than 7000 acres. You could also book a luxury lodge and enjoy a night of sleep in the middle of nature.

Enjoy the beach

With sea temperatures averaging 21 degree Celsius and sun being present nearly all year round, Durban could quickly turn out into your beach holiday destination. From Surfing, family beaches, beach soccer beaches, and volleyball beaches – only to mention a few, everybody is served. Addington beach, Bay of plenty, Umhlanga and Golden Mile are a few names to remember.

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