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Top reasons to visit the Seychelles

28th June 2017

There are thousands of reasons to visit the Seychelles. Each of the 115 islands of the archipelago has its own dozens of flairs and mystical draw. Fly to the Seychelles to discover these amazing islands.


#1 Its beaches

Seychelles has the top-notch beaches in the world. The beaches are so beautiful that they are described as the most photogenic beaches in the world. Large granitic blocks, sometimes with a tint of rose, often add to their marvel. There are hundreds of beaches in the Seychelles, and each one has got its own particularity. There are beaches for snorkeling, diving, taking sunbath and why not a little bit of romance with your partner on one of the desert isolated creeks!


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Seychelles Flights: How to make the most of economy class?

25th January 2017

Unparalleled hospitality and a large smile – this is what Air Seychelles promises. As the national airline of Seychelles, our goal is certainly to provide you with the very best experience during your trip.

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