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6 trendy cities to visit ASAP!

11th May 2017


Paris is one of the most historic European capitals. Founded about 200 A.D for the Gallic village of Paris, Paris is contemporarily known as "the city of light" through its strong relationship with art and education. You will inevitably find many great museums such as the Louvre Museum, where there is La Mona Lisa, by the most famous Leonardo da Vinci. The Musée d'Orsay is another must-see for art amateurs.

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Seychelles flights: Discovering Air Seychelles

25th January 2017

One of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles lies roughly six to ten degrees south of the Equator. Perfect stretches of powdery beaches, lapped by gentle waves in sublime shades of blue are awaiting you on this tropical paradise.


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