Seychelles Flights: How to make the most of economy class?

25th January 2017

Unparalleled hospitality and a large smile – this is what Air Seychelles promises. As the national airline of Seychelles, our goal is certainly to provide you with the very best experience during your trip.

Economy class can be more enjoyable than most think. When flying to the Seychelles with Air Seychelles, everything is tailored to suit your every need. From your online booking to the moment you take your seat, Air Seychelles accompanies you every step of the way, making it easier for you to enjoy your stay.

How to aim for the best when travelling in the economy class?

1. Check-in early – There goes a saying that states “The world belongs to those who wake up early.” Similarly, arriving early will spare you from long queues and increases your chance of having a nice seat. Online check-in is available only to guests flying out of Mahe and Praslin on Air Seychelles operated flights only.

2. Extra legroom – Air Seychelles also provides extra legroom at an additional cost for you to be more relaxed during your trip.

3. Do not pack excessively – It is certainly good to have everything at hand during a trip, but remember less is best! You will avoid paying excess and the luggage will be easier to carry.

4. Invest in good earphones or earplugs – Put some music or your noise-isolating earplugs, these will reduce, or even remove noises from your surroundings.

5. Bring your Wi-Fi-enabled devices – That’s right, Air Seychelles provides online internet facilities at an additional cost. If you have unfinished work or want to browse online, do ask for these facilities at check-in.

6. How to sleep on trips? Research on some ways to combat time zone tiredness before initiating your trip.

7. Bring a travel pillow – A good quality pillow should give your neck some support as soon as you fall asleep. Air Seychelles also provides adjustable headrests and integrated footrests,To make make your travel experience as comfortable as ever.

8. Make use of our sleeping masks, or bring a good one of your own.

9. Do not hesitate to ask for non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks as well as one of the 2 Menus available.

Of course, do not forget to book your flight with Air Seychelles to experience a breathtaking world of wonder and to benefit from the various services offered.

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