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25th January 2017

Air Seychelles offers flights to this wonderful archipelago, allowing you to discover these beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean. In order to avoid all the little hassles which can spoil your holidays in the Seychelles, we have gathered practical information that is important to know before your visit.


Useful information for Seychelles travelers

Moving around on the Islands

If you are planning to go island hopping, the best option is to book one of our domestic flights to Praslin  or to any  other beautiful islands in the archipelago. Travelling onboard Air Seychelles Twin Otter aircraft is the fastest way for you to reach other islands within the archipelago whilst experiencing a bird’s-eye view of the astounding beauty of the Seychelles.

Catamaran links are also available for transfers between the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, at several times during the day. There is also a regular bus service on Mahe and Praslin whilst on La Digue, the most popular ways to move around the island is on a bicycle or ox carts.

Weather in the Seychelles

The Seychelles enjoys a warm climate all year round, and temperatures are never too high (they rarely exceed 32°C) or too low (they are rarely below 24°C). All the islands except the southernmost islands are located outside the cyclone belt, making the Seychelles an ideal destination for sun and beach lovers.


The means of communication in the Seychelles are very good, so you can easily call locally or internationally, via the numerous telephone booths in the archipelago or directly from the room of your hotels.

Otherwise the islands telecom service providers also sells SIM card which can be purchased at a very affordable rate.

Money and Shopping

The Seychelles’ currency is the Seychellois Rupee:

  • EUR 1 = 14.54 SCR
  • 10 SCR = EUR 0.68


    For more information on exhange rates – Click Here!

It is also possible to pay your purchases in foreign currency. The Dollar or Euros are widely accepted in the Seychelles. Additionaly, most hotels and restaurants, accept credit cards such as Visa or American Express.

We recommend that you keep less than 136 000 SCR, in cash, with you on leaving the country – this is around 10 000 USD. So, think about spending your last pennies before flying back home. 


The Seychelles is a relatively secure country, nevertheless and as everywhere else, it is advisable to be careful in public places frequented by many tourists. It is preferable to carry a copy of your important documents on you, so that you can leave the originals in the safe of your hotel room or at the reception.