How to enjoy long haul flights with infants and small kids?

16th June 2017

Are you planning a holiday with your family? Here’s how to enjoy long-haul flight with infants and small kids. Book a flight with Air Seychelles and fly in total comfort to your destination.

Check-in early

One of the best ways to enjoy a long-haul flight especially when travelling with your children and family is to check-in early. This will ensure that you get to sit next to each other on the flight.  Check-in early to avoid all the trouble of having to swap places.

Do not forget to bring Snacks

The best way to keep your child happy during a flight is with his/her favourite snack. A hungry child is an angry child! Some home-made sandwiches are also a good option to keep their tummies full during the flight.

Bring a pillow

It is without saying that your child will not get through the whole flight without dozing off, even if it is their first flight and is enjoying it. A good sleep will keep them well rested during a large portion of the flight. Think about bringing along a soft pillow or an inflatable one which will help your child sleep comfortably.

Dress them comfortably

The more suitably dressed your child is, the calmer they will be on-board. Expect a hard time with your kid if they is not dressed comfortably. Find soft and loose clothes, and avoid dressing them in numerous layers of clothes as this can be uncomfortable for them.

Bring their toys

Every child has their own favourite toy or hand-held games console which they have a particular attachment. Long haul flights can be boring especially for children. Bringing along something which will keep them busy can make the flight comfortable and enjoyable for you. Cuddly toys should be favoured for infants. So, do not hesitate to bring along your child’s favourite teddy or toy.

Rest assured that our crew will take good care of your child on board. If you want to make your child discover the paradise island of the Seychelles, book your flight to Seychelles without any delay.