Fly from Paris to Seychelles

25th January 2017

The Seychelles is a real little corner of Paradise! Located south-west of the Indian Ocean, it is the perfect setting to escape the ruthless winter of Paris with temperature varying between 20 and 35° throughout the year.



Why the Seychelles?

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a relaxing escape around the lagoon, the Seychelles remains the perfect place to flock to. Its turquoise water makes this place incredibly enjoyable, especially if you are flying there to discover the small surrounding coves. Ideal for diving and snorkeling, the Seychelles is home to a lively underwater world!

The colorful gastronomy, the language, the art, the history and the unique Coco de Mer in the Vallee de Mai which is must to visit on Praslin Island is what attracts most visitors to the islands of Seychelles.. To discover a little more of the Seychellois culture and to visit its various places of interest and we advise you to do some island hopping to explore the other surrounding islands within the archipelago.

The Seychelles in a Nutshell

The archipelago of the Seychelles is an obligatory passage to all holiday-makers in search of exceptional landscapes. The seas of the Seychelles are like a real life aquarium where you can swim and dive in crystal-clear turquoise waters. For lovers of lush preserved nature, discover a fauna like you have never seen! From island hopping to giant tortoises, innumerable varieties of birds, and an underwater world that only needs to be explored, the most time-efficient and entertaining way to visit the Seychelles Islands would be to take an excursion.

Fly for under 10 hours from Paris and enjoy an idyllic setting with deserted beaches stretched as far as the eyes can see.

Book your flight from Paris to Seychelles and have a wonderful flight ahead!