Fly from Düsseldorf to Seychelles

30th March 2017

Bored with the city life? Being surrounded by concrete walls and wish to have a sense of lost paradise? Only a little 10-hour flight separates you from your dream destination, Paradise on earth, the Seychelles. Or maybe you’re just discovering Dusseldorf and want to discover the Seychelles next.

Fly from Dusseldorf to the Seychelles with Air Seychelles.

Discover Düsseldorf

Let the evening end at the Rhine, have fun with the crowd in the soccer stadium or go shopping on the Königsallee.

The city offers its guests a panoply of places of interests to choose from. The most popular names are the Old Town, Königsallee and the Media Harbor. But there are not just a few things to discover: each of the 50 districts of Düsseldorf has their own charm and sights.

Düsseldorf: Leisure

In terms of leisure time, the capital of the state can boast a few offers: the city center is the perfect place to go out into the green and simply switch off. In for more action? Check for the carnival and the biggest fair on the Rhine. The lively city sleeps late. Restaurants, bars and clubs are there to make sure that you are not bored at night. There is something for every taste. Numerous events round off the program in Düsseldorf. Many of the city’s activities don’t have any entrance fee.


Now, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, book your ticket to the Seychelles and discover this amazing all-year round destination.


Flying to the Seychelles

There’s a high probability you have seen Seychelles without knowing that it is Seychelles. For fact, Seychelles is one of the most photographed islands on earth! You will inevitably find it on one of those post cards with beaches, blue sky, coconut trees, sun and white sand.

Seychelles is a dream come true for many tourists around the world. Especially for newlywed couples for whom the atoll is the perfect choice for a honeymoon.

This atoll of 115 islands scattered like pearls just below the equator boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons and untouched fauna and flora. The perfect place on earth to feel like a real castaway.

Don’t wait anymore and book a flight from Dusseldorf to Seychelles with Air Seychelles…

Bon Voyage!

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