Discovering the Seychelles archipelago: Mahé, Praslin & La Digue

25th January 2017

The Seychelles is truly paradise on earth and this is reflected when you are visiting the numerous islands within the archipelago, especially the inner islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. These very tourist-friendly islands are world famous for their amazing beaches. Framed by impressive granitic elevations, palm-fringed white sand beaches and lukewarm lagoons, the inner islands portrays the unique charm and character of the Seychelles.


The Seychelles islands leaves a lot to be desired. From the heavenly fauna and flora and the amazing sense of hospitality from the locals, after visiting the pristine beaches, deserted islands and their postcard backdrops, many visitors described the Seychelles as the last paradise on earth. If you are ready to experience the most amazing holidays, book your flight to the Seychelles today!


Mahé is the largest and the most visited island of the Seychelles. The capital island as it often gets called accommodates 86% of the country's total population. On Mahé alone there is so much to see, and nearly 50 breathtaking beaches to soak in. Your first stop in the Seychelles will be in Mahé home of the Seychelles International Airport.

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Whether you are at  sea or on land do not hesitate to visit Praslin, home of the famous Anse Lazio beach voted amongst the top best beaches in the world by Trip Advisors users, a true paradise island, in every way.

The island is also blessed with an amazing fauna and flora. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site the forest of the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve also known as May Valley, on Praslin houses the biggest seed in the world called the coco-de mer and a rare collection of palm trees.

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La Digue

Located 43 km from Mahé and just 6 km from Praslin, La Digue is a small paradise on its own. The island is enclosed by pristine white sand beaches and huge granite boulders overlooking the ocean. Some of the island’s beaches such as Anse Source d’Argent regularly tops world travel awards for the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The tranquility of La Digue is a unique sensation to experience. With very few hotels and some guesthouses lining the beaches, La Digue Island is the perfect retreat for honeymooners and couples.