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« Vallée de Mai » (May Valley)

4th July 2017

The 115 islands of the Seychelles archipelago have their whole lot of secrets awaiting to be discovered by curious travellers. Praslin, the second largest island, is not less of an exception to the rule. Surrounded by immaculate white sandy beaches and turquoise blue lagoons, perfect for sunbathing and snorkelling, and wild lush vegetation blooming with an excellently preserved fauna and flora. The perfect place to escape your wild city life. Book your flight to Praslin with Air Seychelles.

The pride of the Seychelles archipelago

It cannot be denied that Praslin is often prized and chosen for its paradisiacal beaches but a quick visit to “Vallée de Mai” will quickly change your mind. Praslin is after all not a 100% beach destination. This twenty-hectare natural park, a UNESCO world heritage site, is an almost untouched primary forest. What makes the particularity of “Vallée de Mai” are its Palm trees, which seem to come directly from a Jurassic Park Movie. It is an undeniable fact that this natural park is the pride of the Seychelles and makes of Praslin a prime destination for nature enthusiasts, botanists, biologist, archaeologist, and scientists of different backgrounds all around the world. 

The Garden of Eden

During his visit to the island of Praslin in 1881, Sir Charles George Gordon, a British General, was so astounded by the beauty of Praslin that he attributed the Garden of Eden to the Vallée de Mai. He theorized that the Coco de Mer tree was the tree of Knowledge and that the breadfruit tree was the tree of life.

Coco de Mer

What makes the particularity of Vallée de Mai is its well-preserved Palm forest amongst which the most notable species is the world-famous Coco de Mer (Sea Coconut). It has the largest seed in the world, with a record weigh of 42 kilograms. The palm tree can grow to a height of up to 34 metres (112 ft) with leaves up to 10 metres long and 4.5 metres wide! Five other species of endemic palms can also be admired alongside an astonishing 4000 other palm trees.


“Vallée de Mai” is a sanctuary for different animal species, both endemic and global. The palm tree forest is home to a number of species of birds including: the Seychelles black parrot, the Seychelles Kestrel, the Seychelles Sunbird, the Seychelles blue pigeon and the Mascarene Swiftlet.

Apart from the avifauna, there are multiple species of lizards such as skinks, geckos and chameleons.

Fly to Praslin and discover “Vallée de Mai” with Air Seychelles!








Beach in Praslin - Seychelles

Travel to Praslin

28th June 2017

Immaculate white sandy beaches and a lush vegetation covering the whole island – Praslin is a delight. Life is very slow on Praslin, despite being the archipelago’s second largest island. Inhabited with only 6500 people, Praslin is less advanced than Neighboring Mahé which is home to capital city, Victoria.

A key feature of the Praslin is its beaches. They stand out from the archipelago’s best beaches. We often hear the famous names of Anse Lazio and Anse Gerogette not often grasping about their actual beauty. Reason why they are always on the top ten lists of the best beaches in the world. Côte D’or is another best pick too.  You have to see for yourself to believe. No words can ever translate the magical wonders of the Seychelles.  Travel to Praslin by booking your flight with Air Seychelles to discover this mystical Island.


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What to do on a 14-hour stopover in Abu Dhabi?

13th June 2017

Here at Air Seychelles, we realise that time is often of the essence, in which case Most travelers prefer direct flights when travelling as it allows for faster arrival times we also understand that there are those who prefer a stop-over to stretch their legs after a lengthy journey, Air Seychelles offers international stopover flights in Abu Dhabi to our guests travelling through the UAE. As stopover flights are usually cheaper, you may wish to take this option when travelling. And as the saying goes, sometimes the trip is more important than the destination.

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6 trendy cities to visit ASAP!

11th May 2017


Paris is one of the most historic European capitals. Founded about 200 A.D for the Gallic village of Paris, Paris is contemporarily known as "the city of light" through its strong relationship with art and education. You will inevitably find many great museums such as the Louvre Museum, where there is La Mona Lisa, by the most famous Leonardo da Vinci. The Musée d'Orsay is another must-see for art amateurs.

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Things to Do in Durban

21st March 2017

From safaris amidst wild animals in vast game reserves, Botanical gardens, enjoying the beach to getting nose front with sharks, Durban promises to never bore you.

Book your flight to Durban with Air Seychelles, but first discover the 5 top things to do in Durban.

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Fly to Paris

Top 5 Places to see in Paris

16th March 2017

Already booked your flight to Paris? The City of Lights has everything to offer to everyone. With its awe-inspiring style and rich cultural heritage, Paris is the third most visited place in Europe. At almost every corner, you will find something interesting to see and do which is the beauty of Paris. Air Seychelles offers the best deals for your flights to Paris.

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