Air Seychelles – how to sleep well on a flight?

25th January 2017

Between all the travel preparations, jet lag and travel adrenaline, we know how difficult it can be to catch sleep during a flight, especially if you don’t fly often. With our help we can walk you through the best ways to catch some zzz’s even at high altitudes.  


Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Wake up early

First and foremost, this is our #1 tip which works for everybody flying to any destination. When planning your trip, try to book a flight that departs at a time that matches your bedtime. Set your alarm clock to make sure you wake up early on flight day. As a result, your body will naturally want to sleep soon after the plane takes off.

2. Dress comfortably

As obvious as it sounds, it is still worth mentioning how important it is to wear comfortable clothing. Many people still board dressed up in clothes that they do not usually sleep in. Dress lightly as it will be much easier to find sleep. If you have a meeting in Seychelles just after the flight, you can use one of our lounges to dress conveniently afterwards. 

3. Choose your seats

When planning your trip, always choose airlines offering comfortable seats. Air Seychelles’ airbus A330-200 and A320 aircrafts have been ergonomically designed with wide cradle seats providing maximum comfort even in our economy class service. Furthermore, choose a window side seat so as not to be disturbed if anyone needs to go to the washroom. For those who are looking for more legroom, you can book extra legroom seats on our international flights

4. Useful things

For a long-haul flight, we recommend you bring a few useful items that may be of help when trying to find some sleep. First a noise-cancelling set of headphones to avoid any snoring neighbours, infants crying or other fellow loud passengers. All of our seats have neck support, but you can bring your own pillow if you have a personal preference. We also provide sleeping masks, which you can use to block all disturbing lights.

5. What to eat and drink

To have a good night's sleep onboard the plane, avoid drinking stimulating beverages such as coffee, tea, and caffeinated soft drinks. Avoid alcoholic drinks before and on the flight if you want to stay hydrated. Avoid eating a heavy meal before boarding


A destination like Seychelles deserves all your attention, rather than aiming to get a full night of sleep onboard, try to get enough rest  to help you start your holiday with the right amount of energy. Now that you are armed with the best tips. Book your flight with Air Seychelles without any delay.